Monday, January 16, 2017

Nuk Replacement Spouts - Are They Available in Local Stores?

Nuk replacement spouts can be hard to find as they are not readily available in many local stores.  If they are for sale, many times the companies only keep a few in stock and run out quickly.  Your best bet is to try to buy them online.

Stores that we have found them personally in have been:

Walmart in the baby section near the baby bottles and the sippy cups.

Babies R Us carry them sometimes.  When we have seen them they have been on the right side of the stores when you walk in, located in the NUK section of the store, right beside the Nuk pacifiers and Nuk sippy cups. 

Toys R Us - Every once in a great while, we were able to find them here, but it isn't a place I'd go regularly to look.

There are so many companies now selling them online that it's easier just to shop with the click of a finger.  Many people complain about the cost of shipping yet when you really think about it, you are actually saving time and money by having the spouts shipped directly to you.

For those of you who have kids, I'm sure when you go shopping that it's a big ordeal to pack the kids up in the car, especially if it's cold outside.  Then you have to drive to the store or stores that you think have the spouts in stock, find a parking space, unload the kids, load them in a shopping cart and then go on a Nuk hunt.  Once you find what you need - or, most likely, when you don't find what you need, you unload the kids from the shopping cart, load the kids up in the car, and either go to another store if you weren't successful, or drive home.  Gas, Time, Parking, Kid Loading and Unloading. . . hmmm.  I don't know about you but I think I'd rather sit at my computer desk, visit Amazon, type in Nuk replacement spouts, click add to cart, order and go have some fun with the kids instead!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nuk Customer Service for Problems with Nuk Spouts and Nuk Sippy Cups


If you are having a problem with your Nuk sippy cup OR Nuk replacement spouts, you can visit their website and either contact them through the website or through their toll free phone number.

Contact Us

Please complete the information on their website form by visiting     In order to provide the best customer service, please provide all of the information that we will need to respond to your request.


 or call us at 1-888-NUK-1238.


If you want to buy Nuk replacement spouts, Nuk baby pacifiers or Nuk sippy cups and get a discount, the best prices can be found on Amazon for all quantities.  There are lots of wholesale companies who make virtually no profit by selling the Nuk spouts.  Walmart also carries the Nuk spouts, but it's rare to see many left on their shelves.  You can also check out Ebay but be smart and compare the prices across many websites.  Do that on Amazon as well because there are a number of vendors who are selling them.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nuk Replacement Spouts - Save Money on Shipping by Buying in Bulk

Nuk Replacement Spouts - Save Money on Shipping by Buying in Bulk

You may not think that you will need a lot of Nuk replacement spouts, however, if your baby or toddler likes to chew on the spouts, they will not last very long.  All of the warnings tell you to make sure you are watching your baby so that they don't chew on the spouts or to distract your baby and take away the cup if you see excessive chewing.  That is the best idea but it doesn't always happen.
So, with that in mind, you might want to stock up.  It's certainly a lot less expensive then replacing Nuk sippy cups which can be expensive.

12 Nuk Replacement Spouts.  You can find these on Amazon in bulk quantities.  Read the description and see if buying in bulk will save you money in the long run.  Every time you order on this site you will be ordering from large companies to save money on your next purchase!  Great idea!

12 Nuk Replacement Spouts

New Nuk Stock Photo

Nuk sippy cup variety. . . just a few of the cups that these spouts fit.  They fit all Nuk Active cups and Nuk Handle sippy cups as well as the Nuk baby bottles for a great transition.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nuk Replacement Spouts - Where to Find Discounts

Nuk replacement spouts are available online in numerous stores. One store, in particular, Unique Kids Boutique, offers their repeat customers a discount coupon code each time they buy. If the customer signs up on their mailing list and makes 5 purchases, on the 5th purchase, they receive 1 or 2 free Nuk spouts depending on the current offer. That alone can range in retail value from $7 - $12 depending on the spout. All you need to do is keep track of your orders (they keep track of them via your email as none of your financial information is ever stored with them), and when you place your 5th order, you simply send them an email and alert them and they will look up your email address to confirm. They will then ship your 1 or 2 free Nuk replacement spouts at that time,with your order. You can find the store BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: UNIQUE KIDS BOUTIQUE

Don't forget to sign up on the mailing list so that you can get your free Nuk spouts.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Nuk Replacement Valves are a Money Saving Option for Parents. Discount Coupon Codes for Gerber Nuk Valves

Nuk replacement valves are a great option for parents who have perfectly good Nuk sippy cups and want to replace just worn out valves inside the lids of the cups.  You can find more info and get a discount coupon code at: 

Nuk purchased the Gerber company recently and as a result they now carry many of the Gerber products.  The valves are Gerber Graduates Replacement valves and they come 2 in a package.  They are BPA free and fit all of the Gerber Spill Proof Sippy cups which are also sold from the same site.  A discount coupon code is available for all of the products once you visit the site.

The valves are "flow controlled" and are activated by your child taking a sip from the cup.  Always make sure you wash these before using.  Hot water and mild detergent work well.  They are also dishwasher safe but be sure to put them on the TOP RACK ONLY.  Make sure they are completely dry before putting them away.  Do not use a nipple brush or harsh surface to clean the valves.  If you are having trouble getting sticky drinks off of the valve, simply soak them in hot water and a mild detergent before putting in the dishwasher.  This should only be a problem if you have allowed the sippy cup to sit for a long time so that the sticky substances have time to harden on the valve.

Here are a few pictures of the Nuk/Gerber Graduates Replacement Valves.

These are the valves OUT of the package and how they look on each side.

This is the way the Nuk replacement valves look in the packages.  Package styles do change but the contents are the same so make sure you look at the actual contents when considering a purchase.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Check Out Our New Baby Discount Store Design

Check out our new website:  for a simple explanation of what we actually sell.  Take a look at that adorable baby on the first page.  Click on the link that says Replacement Products to find the Nuby and Nuk replacement spouts.

Nuk replacement spouts, Nuby replacement spouts, Nuk baby bottles, Nuby sippy cups, Reborn Baby Doll products and more.  You can get discounts for repeat purchases and if you sign up on the first page, you will get a free product after every 5 purchases.  We sell these products because they are popular with parents and we have used them ourselves and think they are worth sharing with others. 

Products we have for Nuby include:  Nuby wide replacement spouts that fit the 8 oz, two handle Nuby sippy cup only (and mason jars from what we have been told) for those who like to use glass bottles and containers.  Nuby sport sipper replacement spouts that fit the 10oz and 12oz Nuby sport sipper sippy cups.  Nuby Sippy Gripper Replacement spouts that fit the traditional 10 oz Tall Nuby Sippy Gripper Cups, and the Nuby Super Spout replacement spouts that fit the tall 10 oz Nuby Super Spout Cups and the 8 oz Nuby Super Spout two handle cups.  We do sell some of the Nuby sippy cups as well. 

Products for Nuk include:  Nuk clear silicone bpa free replacement spouts that fit both the Nuk Learner 5 oz sippy cups and the Nuk 10 oz Active sippy cups.  The same spout fits both types of Nuk sippy cups.  We also have Nuk baby bottles and sippy cups with adorable designs.

Our traditional site also has Reborn Baby Doll bottles and pacifiers made from brand name Nuk and Nuby products.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our new site.  Please note that some of the items in the video have been discontinued and are no longer available.  We will update our video soon.